The Ancient Landmark: Biblical foundations of infant baptism

by David Clark Brand

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Preliminaries (Dedication, Detailed Table of Contents, and Preface)

Chapter 1 The Testimony of the Early Church Fathers

Chapter 2 The Triune God and the Household Covenant
Chapter 3 The Old Testament and the Threefold Witness 

Chapter 4 The God of Abraham and the Covenant of Grace

Chapter 5 Abraham's Seed and the New Covenant Sign

Chapter 6 Infant Baptism and Messiah's Threefold Office

Chapter 7 The Atonement and Infant Faith

Chapter 8 Infant Baptism and the "Right to Choose"

Chapter 9 The Great Commission and the Generation Gap

Chapter 10 The Son of David and the Seed of Woman

Chapter 11 Sign, Sacrament, or Baptismal Regeneration?

Chapter 12 Infant Baptism and the Church's Identity

Chapter 13 Infant Baptism and the Church's Ambiguity

Chapter 14 Defining the Baptismal Covenant

Chapter 15 Infant Baptism and Faith Transmission

Chapter 16 Infant Baptism--a Trivial Matter?

Chapter 17 Chapter 17 Infant Baptism and the Congregation


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